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Over the next year, I would like to share some topics that are the building blocks of BeeTranquil’s purpose and passion: helping people in pain regain their power. I will discuss topics like: How do essential oils affect every cell in the body within 20 minutes? Who benefits from visceral manipulation, lymphatic massage, and craniosacral therapy?  What are the differences in the modalities? You hear that everything in the body is connected, but why is this true? How does massage affect every system of the body? 

I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment on posts you find interesting, or ask me a question. Feel free to suggest topics you would like to learn about! Check back often for new posts, and remember to Bee Tranquil!

– Julie Fisher, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist

I Stubbed My Toe, and Now My Shoulder Hurts!

-Julie Fisher Visceral Manipulation is a very specific modality often called liquid osteopathy.  Take a look at the picture of the spider web that was posted with this article.  If you remove a strand, the web doesn’t fall apart but all of a sudden there is a weak...


The Importance of Tribe – BeeWeird Together - Julie Fisher As someone who has struggled in life with being left out of the ‘in’ crowd, being too sensitive, a single parent, a fifth wheel, I have often referenced finding your tribe.   Psychology Today had an...

King of Sprains and Strains

-Julie Fisher  The liver, also known as the ruler of tendons and ligaments, is a fairly large organ weighing on average two to five pounds. Second in size only to our skin,  the liver is the largest gland in the body and governs many different functions such as...

Nightshades – The Dark Side of Inflammation

-Julie Fisher   Wow! It is so important for us to do research for ourselves. Taking charge of your health (coming soon) For quite a while I have thought that nightshades – white potatoes, peppers, paprika, tomatoes, eggplant, tobacco and tomatillos (there are more)...

Fiesta Candida

– by Julie Fisher Part of sharing information comes from what I am personally going through or have gone through so that maybe I can shave off some of the time it takes in your quest for a healthier body.  A lot of us go on certain paths because life necessitates it...

Stress Relief

Where did the name come from? Why did I become a licensed bodyworker and massage therapist? What is the purpose of my practice? A lot of therapists discount Swedish massage, however, your parasympathetic nervous system has to be relaxed before any...


A superstar essential oil that supports your lymph system and assists with meditation.  For those of us with O- blood, it is a great mosquito repellent!


This video shows part of my morning self-care routine using essential oils.  I have recently begun a Tai Chi class which is absolutely fabulous, however, I still apply my oils every morning!